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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 22, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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take a listen. >> what would have been worse? jenna: if i had to get jon scott up over that wall, that would have been worse, and that's the one question that plagued me throughout this whole event, where is jon scott? what was -- where was he? we're going to have to leave you with that thought. jon: i was on my couch. [laughter] maybe next year. thanks for joining us. jenna: may "america live" starts right now. megyn: fantastic job. and a fox news alert on the final faceoff between president obama and governor romney and how this became a debate that some political analysts are now calling a must-win for the president. welcome to "america live" where we are today live from lynn university in boca raton, florida. the site of it all. i'm megyn kelly. in eight hours the president and the republican challenger go head to head on this stage to face off on foreign policy. that topic could not be any hotter right now with new fallout almost every day from
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the administration's changing response to the terror attack in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans a little more than a month ago. joining us now to explain what to watch for and why it matters, chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on along with marc thiessen, who's a washington post columnist and a former george w. bush speech writer. gentlemen, welcome to lynn university. here's the interesting thing i saw, stirewalt, in preparation for this debate. the president was 15 points up in the polls on foreign policy prior to debate number one in denver. now coming into this debate it is anybody's ball game. what explains that, and who has the most, the most risk in tonight's performance? be. >> well, certainly the greatest pressure is on the president who needs to change the trajectory of this election. because if things keep going as they're going, he will lose.
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mitt romney's momentum that he started picking up in that debate has continued, maybe it was slowed in the vice presidential debate, the second presidential debate, maybe, but the trajectory for romney has still been up nationally and in the swing states, so the president has a lot of pressure on him coming in because he's got to reset this race to some degree. and the reason for that other than that first debate was the decision by the administration to have a story about the attack on themen consulate -- the american consulate this benghazi that did not comport with what we have now seen. and instead of talking about a failure in security that led to the, to that attacking with -- that attack being successful, instead talking about that movie, that was a tremendously consequential decision. megyn: how huge is libya in this narrative here tonight, marc thiessen? >> i think it's huge, absolutely. i mean, this is -- about a month
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ago you would have said that foreign policy was a strong suit for president obama. now, look, the middle east is on fire, embassies are on fire, our american flags have been pulled down from embassies across the middle east, we have an ambassador killed. it's not a strong suit anymore, so he's finishing on weak ground. i think tonight's going to be a real slug fest. if you i remember before the town hall debate the conventional wisdom was it's hard to go on the attack in a town hall debate, and this is going to be much more subdued. it turned out to be the most contentious debate we've ever had, and i think this is going to make it look like a walk in the park. and the reason is exactly what you have said, obama is in trouble. romney is rising in the polls, persuadable voters are cutting his way. he doesn't need a decisive win. what he needs to do is look presidential, come across as serious, knowledgeable and ready to be commander in chief. barack obama has a very, very different challenge tonight. he needs -- he can't just slow romney's momentum, he needs to reverse it. he needs a knockout blow of some kind that makes romney look like
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he's not ready for the job of commander in chief, so he's going to come out swinging, he's going to go on the attack and try and paint romney as someone who's unfit for the office of commander in chief. megyn: i want to ask you, chris, how dangerous is it to mitt romney if he tries to play small ball when it comes to this issue of libya which has become so much a part of the national discourse? if you get bogged down in the back and forth and all these media reports out this weekend that we're going to talk about at 1:45 appeared to attempt to muddy the waters, are american voters going to walk away confused? does mitt romney need to keep it big picture on libya? >> big picture is important for romney in everything. he's got to show that he is, as marc says, plausibly presidential, not going to invade any countries, not itching to bomb iran or anything like that, that he is sober, steady, capable and confident. that's his biggest job. but the biggest job for the president is that the reports that were out last week that you
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detailed, that you talked about, the new documents that were dumped that showed these concerns about libya. the president wants to make libya about what mitt romney tweeted about it and what he said more than a month ago on the subject. that's not going to wash anymore. and moderator bob schieffer is a wily enough guy that he's not going to let the president get away with too much when it gets to answering the facts on what happened and what's still an ongoing sand. megyn: mark, i know you believe mitt romney has a second chancee other issues that they're going to go toe to toe on, and we have the list including afghanistan and pakistan, where do we stand in the world today, the middle east in the face of terror as we know it. we've heard from the president some of his line of attack on mitt romney before. he's going to say that romney said the withdrawal of the troops from iraq was tragic, that he said we should move
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heaven and earth to get bin laden, it's not just about one guy. you know, we're going to hear him go after romney on those things, and he's going to criticize his trip over to europe saying you ticked off england by suggesting they had inadequate security. how does romney deal with that? >> he's going to try and paint him as the second coming of george w. bush who regretted ending the war in iraq, doesn't want to end the war in the afghanistan, wants to start a new war in iran. and romney simply answers that by pointing to everything we see in the middle east. the middle east is on fire. the way you prevent war is making sure your adversaries don't doubt your resolve or capabilities. he's going to go after him on defense. and a lot of these are going to be domestic issues wrapped in a foreign policy veneer. he's going to say we have a policy of weakness. that's going to cost defense jobs in virginia, ohio and florida. he's going to go after him on energy security and all the rest.
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so i think you'll see a lot of domestic policy wrapped in foreign policy renear. -- veneer. megyn: chris, to what extent does it create an advantage to president obama tonight this actually being the commander in chief? >> well, it's good to have on the job training, but it's not good if people don't like the results. net is probably negative because the president's going to be talking more about his track record than whatever mitt romney tweeted about a month ago. megyn: i can't wait to watch this one, i've got to tell you. [laughter] i'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. anything can happen. gerald ford's stumble in his '76 debate was largely credited with helping ruin his re-election. so we'll see what happens tonight. guys, thank you. >> you bet. >> thank you, megyn. ♪ >> back here in the main residence, the special agent comes here and gets ambassador stevens from his bedroom and brings him along with sean smith to this room in the safe haven, really aside from some medicine
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and other supplies, a big, dark, windowless closet. and then outside a locked gate, hoped if-for security. -- hoped-for security. megyn: that is just so sad. that was our greg talcott reporting from libya on the deadly terror attack against our consulate in benghazi, and he was detailing some of the new information from what appear to be a series of recent intelligence leaks from the obama administration. as the questions continue about al-qaeda's role in this attack, how the administration has been dealing with those questions not to mention why there wasn't more security for ambassador stevens on the ground. that was the room in which he spent what may have been some of his final moments. fox news chief intelligence correspondent has been all over this story from the beginning, catherine herridge has the very latest live in washington now. catherine? >> reporter: megyn, thank you. an interview with the head of the house intelligence committee, fox news was told the administration's leaking of intelligence to defend its position on benghazi was damaging to national security, and at the very least it was
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emboldening the enemy. >> now we have an intelligence and national security issue of epic proportions here. we had a successful attack by what we believe is an al-qaeda or al-qaeda affiliate, and we have no way forward here to try to hold them accountable. >> reporter: as you mentioned greg talcott reporting from benghazi says a credible eyewitness heard a mob chanting blood thirsty slogans less like a demonstration and more like a warm-up to battle. fox news has new information about the level of planning by the terrorists including blocking teams and then the secondary target, the annex, kill or capture teams and what was described to us as a reserve team to deal with supplemental forces if they were sent in response. >> there's also information that they, indeed, had a reserve team ready for any quick reaction force that might show up to help at the consulate. that's fairly complicated,
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sophisticated thing to do that you just don't grab a few weapons and jump out of the truck and coordinate on the spot. >> reporter: on the sunday talk shows, a senior adviser to the president saying the republicans are the ones exploiting the attack for political advantage. >> there's only one candidate here who's tried to exploit it from the beginning even while the flames were burning in this benghazi. mitt romney was sending out political press releases on this, and the whole republican party has followed. >> reporter: one of the striking things in the rogers interview is that he told fox very little progress has been made, tracking those who were responsible and in his words he was, quote, not comfortable where we are on that issue, megyn. megyn: catherine herridge, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. megyn: we are following this story very closely here on move might have. still ahead, what about those new media reports? are they timely reporting by enterprising journalists, or is this a case of the media giving an assist to the administration? and later, former u.n. ambassador john bolton compares the new dedetails this weekend
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to what we already know. and up next right after this break, we are now learning that a spy drone may have had a camera on this siege for at least four hours. keep in mind two of the four americans who were killed were killed in the final hours of the siege. so could the u.s. military have done something the intervene, and if so, why didn't we? and how does the cia keep the white house informed in these situations? general jack keane has leved this, and he gives us an experienced, knowledgeable view next. and a report this weekend raises new questions about possible illegal donations coming in from overseas and going to the campaign web site for the president's re-election team. we've got an investigation. and a new report suggests that lance armstrong's fall from grace could have come a lot sooner were it not for a pattern of what they call bullying, intimidation and outright threats. >> i get asked a lot, people say, man, how you doing? and i say, and i say this every
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megyn: as much as we know right now about the terror attack that killed four americans in libya on 9/11, we're still learning new details including a cbs report this weekend that a predator drone was flying above the attack scene for at least four hours during the attack watching events unfold and raising new and serious questions today about whether we could have done more to protect our americans. retired four-star general jack keane is a former vice chief of staff of the army, also a fox news military analyst, and he joins us now for an insider's perspective. general keane, welcome. i'm so grateful to have you and your expertise here today. this cbs report quotes a retired cia officer of saying, look, you find away, you make adjustments
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when you're under attack. he says, today made zero adjustments. they stood, and they wamped, and -- watched, and our people died. when you read the transcript of what went down as these murders took place, it's riveting, and it's horrifying. your thoughts. >> well, that's true. i've read that transcript that you're referring to. i think that the state department released the evening prior to the testimony that their officials provided. and it's actually a blow-by-blow account of what took place. you know, the operational channel was providing realtime who, what, when almost from the time that the penetration of the compound took place. the intelligence channel, which is the one we're focusing on, provides information usually later because they're interested in why it took place and certainly who was involved in terms of al-qaeda affiliated or not. in terms of what took place that night, we did have some people at the so-called annex facility
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who did come down to help evacuate the people that were at the consulate. the real tragedy here as we have been saying for weeks is that we had totally inadequate security forces at the embassy as well as at the consulate. so in country there was very little that they could do to help themselves, and to a degree they were fortunate that that annex situation which was providing another activity for the united states was able to assist. now, whether someone -- go ahead. megyn: i was going to say folks on the ground from ambassador stevens on down, the regional security coordinator, everybody has talked about how they were begging for more security, and they were denied. and charlene lamb, the state department official who testified before congress the other week, said i would have made the same decision, that we had appropriate assets on the ground at the time. i want to show to the video again of greg talcott walking through the scene, because now we know the security guy who
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came over to try to help ambassador stevens got them into this safe room, and that's where they sat as then the terrorists came in and bombed the place and lit everything on fire, and the smoke inhalation forced them eventually to get out of this room we're looking at right here. and they couldn't make it. they couldn't make it, general. eventually, we believe this is where ambassador stevens died along with one other. >> yeah. i mean, what -- i don't believe the terrorists knew for certain there was somebody in that safe room, but they were pulley, they fully intended to burn the facility down -- megyn: sos where was the backup? if somebody had gotten there earlier and gotten them out of that safe room, they were trying to buy time. that's what the safe room was for, until somebody could fete there. >> -- get there. >> there is no backup. that's the problem, megyn. when you count the number of people who carried weapons, there were five that carried a weapon for sure, three of those he brought with him as part of
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his personal security detail. the other two were in residence. and then there were four libyan, and we're not even sure or if they carried weapons. they actually controlled the access at the gate, you know, opening the bar pole and letting people come through the gate, checking id. so the fact of the matter is they were significantly outgunned, significantly outnumbered from the outset and were very quickly overwhelmed. i mean, the fact that anybody got out of there alive, we are really fortunate that that took place. megyn: it's a miracle. and you say, you talk about the intelligence. the state department says, look, these reports it was about a video didn't come from us, that was not our assessment, and you say the operational team would have been monitoring it realtime. intel has to come in and assign motivations in the days and weeks after, but would the white house have known about that operational information, the information that came in realtime showing that this was an attack involving rpgs and ak47s and, you know, terrorist-type tactics? >> well, here's how it works.
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the operational channel is the organization that's involved in a particular activity whether it's military and embassy, law enforcement of the united states, it doesn't make that much difference. we go through the operational channel. it would go into the state department, we know for a fact they were receiving blow-by-blow accounts. the state department furnishes information to the white house situation room. that is the normal process of any cats if i that's unfolding -- catastrophe that's unfolding that involves violence of some kind of consequence. so that operational channel is very well informed in terms of who, what, what is taking place. and everybody up that chain of command had that information. i think what is confusing to me is when the intelligence community came in a little bit later, they did identify who was involved in the attack, and they didn't know whether, what the motivation was for it. the amount of information that was available and the fact that there was no demonstrations prior, if there was, it would have been reported, that this
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was a very heavily-armed, large group that had penetrated the embassy, ransacked it, burned it to the ground and also forced the evacuation of that other activity which is stunning in and of itself. all that was well known by the time people got up in the morning to start their day. megyn:ing i know you believe this attack was unprecedented, that it was a huge defeat for the united states in the arab/muslim world where you say al-qaeda is indisputably on the rise. general keane, thank you so much. >> take care, megyn. megyn: well, there is a new report put forward this weekend about the money flowing into the obama campaign and the possibility that it could be coming from illegal sources overseas. in three minutes we'll show you what we know and what we don't know. and stunning new video from a camera mounted on the chest of daredevil felix baumgartner during his record-setting leap from the edge of space. look at this. that's just ahead.
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megyn: well, we received some new reports this weekend concerning the legality of donations going to the president's campaign web site. a new report suggests the president's re-election team may be accepting money from people with nonexistent or invalid zip codes echoing some similar allegations we heard a few weeks back. we asked trace gallagher to investigate s and here he is now with what he learned. trace? >> reporter: because when you buy gas with a credit card, megyn, or you buy something online, the reason they make you punch in your zip code is because it helps verify the credit card numbers. but if you donate to the obama campaign online or to some extent the mitt romney koma pain, that security barrier is
10:26 am
not being used to the very same effect. the government accountability institute which is a conservative group has come out with brand new numbers about how much money is being donated without using zip codes or using phony zip codes. take a look at these numbers. for the romney campaign, about $282,000 plus. but look at the obama campaign, more than $4.5 million. the concern here is that you've got foreign money that's coming in trying to sway the election, that clearly is illegal, but there's no indication in this report that money is from foreign addresses. now, the fec does not -- sec does not require the campaigns to use the address verification system, so the campaigns kind of have to police themselves. the obama campaign says it does use the address verification system, it calls this report partisan and flawed adding, and i'm quoting here, the data they are using to make their case is not correct, or they are making
10:27 am
incorrect assumptions about what it means. keep in mind, this was an old problem for the obama campaign because back in 2008 "the washington post" did extensive reporting on the same zip code problems when it came to online funding, and "the new york post" talked to a man who lives just outside of london, and he donated $10 to the obama campaign. "the new york post," by the way, owned by the parent company of fox news, he said he donated ten bucks to the obama campaign using his london address, a an arkansas state and a zip code from schenectady, new york. he was not able to do that with the romney campaign. but, again, none of this money, no indication any of it came from foreign people. megyn? megyn: all right, trace, thank you. well, at last week's big presidential debate we saw the moderator, candy crowley, give president obama what has been called ap assist -- an assist. are other members of the media
10:28 am
giving assists now in advance of this debate? we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that. plus, even before he was a candidate president obama spoke of being a uniter of a divided america, that we are americans first regardless of your politics. but a new ad that targets mitt romney is calling that message into question. we'll have a fair and balanced debate. wait until you see this. >> the pundits like to slice and dice our country into red states and blue states, red states for republicans, blue states for democrats. but i've got news for them, too, we worship an awesome god in the blue states, and we don't like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the red states. [cheers and applause]
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call the number on your screen. [♪...] megyn: a showdown that could tilt the presidential race in a whole new direction. the third and final debate is less than eight hours away. right now i'm in the spin room in boca raton, florida, where they will try to tell the media who won. the stage is set. they are going to sit tonight. sit and have a friendly chat. probably not. i'll be there covering the debate live with my colleague bret baier. it begins at 8:55 p.m. eastern
10:33 am
time. of course we'll have charles krauthammer, brit hume and our entire cast of regulars to analyze the performances of the candidates thereof. sta the -- the candidates there after. >> even as we speak there are those who embrace the politics of anything goes. well, i say to them tonight, there is not a liberal america, and a conservative america, there is the united states of america. megyn: that was the speech that put him on the map at the democratic convention eight years ago. he was an unknown senate candidate named barack obama at the time. a future president talking about an america not divided by red or blue. it was such a refreshing
10:34 am
attitude. people wanted to believe that we could change that. now a new ad by president obama says governor romney is not one of us and calls into question the governor's promise to be a uniter. >> mitt romney would have let us go under. >> that's what i said, the headline you read, let detroit go bankrupt. >> for them to say let them fail. >> how you can say something like that is beyond me. megyn: brad blake man is a former campaign advisor for george bush. president obama approved that ad. brad, what happened? what happened? >> it's despicable. the real barack obama shows up when the going gets tough, barack obama goes negative. remember what he said to us snow was going to be a uniter, the
10:35 am
person who brought america together, and he predicted in 2008 those people who do go negative are desperate people. mr. president, it sounds like you are one of those people. you are so desperate you would allege romney isn't one of us? what does that mean? what if a republican candidate. the candidate himself, not a third party or super pac * did the same ad against barack obama there would have been hell to pay. but this ad has been reduced by his campaign. there is no way a president of the united states should be sending out this kind of message unless he believes it's a last-gasp attempt to save his presidency. megyn: not one of us? they have political differences. mitt romney spent a majority of his life helping others. he was a successful businessman and a miner? this faith. not one of us. barack obama said do we
10:36 am
participate in a politics of cynicism or hope in 2004. >> i think all barack obama is saying were here is a guy who stood in a room when he didn't think anybody was rinsing and saying he wasn't one of us. he divided us into the 47% versus the rest of us. with barack obama he's saying what mitt romney has already said. a guy worth $220 million who is building elevators to move his cars around in the new house. he wasn't a venture cal capitalist according to stockman, the budget director under reagan. he calls him a vulture capitalist, picking the bones of company. megyn: in the last debate he called him a good guy. is he a good man or is he a vulture who is not one of us. >> watch a football game this weekend and you see everybody shaking hands before and after the game. it's the hits that go on between
10:37 am
those two hand shakes that tell you what's going on. megyn: it reminds me of the "saturday night live" skit on scranton, pennsylvania. is this all excused in the name of politics or is it more serious than that? you raise an interesting question about what would have happened if mitt romney put out an ad about obama saying he's not one of us? >> the democrats would have cried it has racial overtones. most certainly that's what he would say. even for the president himself because it does come from his campaign to allege romney isn't one of us, what does that mean? dick's lame excuse somehow being wealthy, barack obama is a multi millionaire an got famous for being famous. he didn't get wealthy like romney did creating jobs for other people. this is part of a 3d strategy to
10:38 am
distract, distort and divide the american people. he doesn't have a record to run on so you divide the american people rich against poor. megyn: if you think it's about money, dick, of course some of our top democratic presidents or candidates have been wealthy guys, jfk. john kerry has hundreds of millions dollars. the money thing wasn't an issue when they were running in the white house for the democrats. >> what's happening here. this guy is trying to tell the people of this country that he's a job creator. and he's not. he was a job destroyer. see see them in the south all the time. he destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs, shipped them to china. this is the guy who told the big lie. now that he's being called on it he's getting squirmy. we have people all over the south selling asbestos roofs
10:39 am
that leak. my daddy said a guy came by selling one. he said that guy is peeing on my leg and trying to convince me it's raining. >> he spent more money than every president to preceded him. 26 million americans out of work, under employed or giving up. this is the record 'president has given us. megyn: mitt romney did argue for a bankruptcy for the auto industry but he wanted it to be a managed bankruptcy from which they would then emerge. we won't hear anything about that tonight. tonight's foreign policy. good die bait pass always. good to see you. the coverage of the debate begins right here on fnc8:55 p.m. eastern time. bret baier and yours truly will be hosting the debate. you will see the full panel you have come to know and love so
10:40 am
much. brit hume, chris wallace. joe trippi, charles krauthammer. all your favorites to bring you their perspective. fair and balanced. two articles say there is a new story just in time to give talking point for the debate. is it a case of the media giving an attempted assist to the administration? we'll have a fair and balanced debate next. a group of democrats say congressman issa is putting american lives at risk after they released state department documents on libya. congressman chaffetz answers the charge. >> some are hoping to get voters to the polls offering chicken dinners and even cocktails.
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>> can you speak to us briefly about the attack in benghazi? why not speak now. you have spoken before. did you speak with the campaign at all before you went on the sunday shows. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: you spoke earlier about what you knew at the time. why not speak now about what you know now. can you give us one point and video? is it still the case it might have played a role? megyn: that was u.n. ambassador susan rice trying hard to avoid the cameras when she arrived back in the u.s. she has not spoken on camera since the sunday shows.
10:45 am
an unnamed senior intelligence official entitled "cia document supported susan rice's description of benghazi attacks." another headline. no evidence found of al qaeda role in libya attack. creating about the intelligence and how these stories came to appear right before tonight's foreign policy debate. tucker carlson who is editor and foirngds of the daily caller *. i want to start with this. steven hayes wrote a comprehensive and interesting piece trying to digest the media. he says, tucker, this is an effort to write al qaeda aught of the story. that "l.a. times" piece and what we are hearing from the media and administration is an effort to write al qaeda out of the
10:46 am
story. no evidence found of al qaeda role in libya and the piece doughs on to not actually show that. >> what the cia talking points do not show is the intelligence communities concluded this video was in any way responsible for what happened in benghazi. here is how you know this is an orchestrated political effort on the part of the obama white house. you have cia officers attacks their agencies for its intelligence failures. that does not happen in washington with a pretty aggressive nudge from those in political power. there is just no way the cia is going to voluntarily take responsibility for this break down in intelligence unless pushed to. that's where this is coming from. megyn: help me understand as a journalist and not a political consultant how that narrative on the video helps the administration. if the narrative is susan rice was wrong but she was wrong because our administration's
10:47 am
intelligence sources were completely and utterly wrong and failed, how does that help the obama administration. >> if they wanted to release this information they should have released it three weeks ago while she was out on the trail talking about it. media bias has existed since the media began. this is nothing new. nor is the idea of leak. sadly, i think was responsible for bringing us into a war that killed thousands of americans and cost the country trillions of dollars. there was proof on the table cheney released information about sandra plume. the case scenario we'll see with libya is a show intelligence blunders. while that's not great, i feel like it's not quite -- you look at ams to apples. this is something that politically happened across the board. megyn: is there something more
10:48 am
to it? mike rogers, chairman of the house intel committee is raising questions about this administration releasing documents that are helpful to president obama not releasing documents. >> the whites house seat tempt to shape news coverage. the difference between this and previous administrations is those administrations faced a hostile press corp. this one has cooperated with the presser to that is fundamentally on its side. there is no good explanation for what has turned out to be a lie that the white house told consistently for the first 10 days which is this was precipitationed by, caused by a youtube video. that is not true. nobody pleased it was true and that was the story line. they felt was a political advantage in telling those untruths. that to me is the crux of this. not an intelligence failure. it's a failure of truth telling on the part of the white house
10:49 am
and its spokesman. megyn: they wanted to say it was about a video for so long. the reporting that predated it by weeks cite a cia memo, a cia talking points that were supposedly pout out there. and none of those talking points specifically blames the video. >> everyone is out there trying to get their angle. the idea is both parties want to be on the offensive when it comes to libya into tonight's debate. everybody is scrambling. you had darrell issa on the media all weekend trying release document on libya, trying to further incriminate the administration. megyn: forget about whether it incriminates the administration. don't we wants the information? >> we want good and fair information, no question. but what we don't want is they are using this information to play politics on either side of
10:50 am
the aisle. it doesn't do anybody any favors and what we have to look at is what does this tell us and what this might tell us is we need to better our intelligence structures. it doesn't incriminate an administration for having done something illegal like lying about weapons of mass destruction. the media needs to be held accountable no matter what. megyn: exonerates is the word i was looking for. >> bush was bad, therefore this is okay? that's not much of a justification. the last of the presidential debates is in a few hours. for the press to be carrying the administration's water at his late date on the night of a debate is a pretty heavy statement, i would say. megyn: good debate, thank you. we have heard a lot of concern about the potential for voter fraud. now the united nations is ride together rescue with election
10:51 am
man toarss going to polling places in battleground states. wait until you hear who called them and why. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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10:54 am
megyn: developments in the lance armstrong cycle doping controversy. he has been stripped from his 7 dour desan francisco titles and banned from cycling for life. a series of chilling voicemails surface showing his team using threats of violence and intimidation to keep people quiet at various points. people who wanted to talk about the scandal. trace? >> reporter: lance armstrong
10:55 am
was at the livestrong challenge in texas. but this doping and bribery scandal is exploding around him. his teammates testified against him, saying he doped for years. they say it was difficult to come out against lance armstrong because he and his people would bully and threaten them. i want you to listen to an e-mail. this is the wife of a man named frank andrews. she says she got this, though we have not authenticated it from a friend of lance armstrong's after her husband spoke out against it. >> i also hope that one day you will have some type of tragedy that will hurt your family. >> reporter: the wife of
10:56 am
cyclist gregg lamond once offered to pay a former teammate $300,000 to say her husband was doping. now there is sworn testimony coming to life that lance armstrong offered bribes to people up to $50,000 in the early 90s to have an opposing cyclist throw races. arm strong's team denies all of this. they call this nothing more than a witch hunt. but he's off the livestrong foundation and his sponsors have dropped him and now his report in the tour de france have all been erased. megyn: gone. trace, thank you. to get-out-the-vote drive raising some eyebrows with a politician and others can be in hot water for offering cash and cocktails for votes. five weeks after the terror attack in benghazi.
10:57 am
how susan race came to blame the video over what had already been called a planned attack. >> reporter: can you talk briefly about the attack in benghazi? >> thanks for your interest. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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we can help. call unitedhealthcare to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. call now. ♪ megyn: fox news alert. brand-new polling numbers released showing just how high the stakes are for president obama tonight. a brand-new hour of this special edition of "america live" coming from boca raton, florida. i'm megyn kelly live in the spin room where the politicians will come after tonight's debate to tell you they each won. in the latest gallup daily tracking poll governor romney maintains a 6-point advantage over the president. 51-45%. it goes over a week. 2,700 likely voters.
11:01 am
the margin of earor 2%. we are just under 8 hours from the third and final presidential debate. tonight's event will be a bit different from the two previous debates in substance and in style. tonight the candidates will be seated instead of standing as they did before. we'll mix up. this time they are going to sit. the hour and a half will be broken down into six 15-minute time segments. that's what they did at the first debate. bob scheiffer of cbs will open the questioning. each candidate will have two minutes to respond. after they respond the moderator will encourage discussion. that's what happened at the first debate. let's bring in campaign carl cameron. he is live here. we want to touch base with you, carl on whether the main difference is "a," they will be sitting, and "b" they will be talking foreign policy.
11:02 am
>> reporter: that changes the expectations and calculus dramatically. the last debate in the cycle has usually bent least impactful. the potential for it to have a huge impact, historically foreign policy debates haven't left as much a mark on the dough bait. it lowers expectations. for mitt romney having won the first debate and having seen a vice presidential and second president debate that didn't move the debate for the president. and because the president is the incumbent commander-in-chief and theoretically has a stronger grasp of world affairs, the pressure is on mr. obama to change the dynamic and shoot some holes in mitt romney *'s reputation on foreign affairs.
11:03 am
ththere will be a lot of discussion about iran's nuclear weapons ambitions and whether the president is doing enough to halt it and yet most of the polls suggest romney is seen as the one with the disadvantage here with only 14 days left in the election after tonight, it really becomes a ground game and one of trying to build momentum which romney established in the first debate and it hasn't been knocked down yet. megyn: what has romney been doing. we are told he came to florida to do debate prep. i saw this video of mitt romney, was he officiating the football game or playing in the football game? he got the press and the staffers together for the staffers on the beach. >> reporter: he officiated the coin toss in what was supposed to be a quiet staff football game.
11:04 am
then we found out that the governor was going to come out and officiate the coin toss. it quickly became a photo op. they brought in a ringer who had secret service protection. mrs. romney actually ran a play. having said all of that. romney recognized in the last week or so if he had a weak spout's out west. some concern about what's going on in nevada and colorado is a major battleground state. so he will go there after the debate first. colorado, nevada, iowa to shore up and back fill some of this support. look for the last 10 days of this to be to both candidates bumming for each other all over iowa and florida as well. megyn: the midwestern states are team romney's backup plan. they don't win ohio. you can see the debate right here on the fox news channel. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.
11:05 am
eastern time. we'll air the entire debate and we'll have expert analysis right here on fnc. a growing number of democrats have been attacking the house oversight's benghazi investigation. senior campaign advisor david axlerod pointed the finger directly at that committee's chairman chairman issa. >> chairman issa released a ream of document that included the names of people on the ground in libya cooperate was and helping us on these security issues, jeopardizing their lives, carelessly, recklessly putting them at risk. megyn: joining me now, jason chaffetz. he's a member of the house overtight committee. that's serious. that's a serious charge that you released a bunch of state department document you were given by the state department
11:06 am
and you forgot to redact names that could get our friend in libya dead. >> absolutely not true. what was reckless, what put people's lives i in danger was n june 6 there was an attack where they had a wall blown out and they did not send more people in. every document we released was unclassified. we were very meticulous making sure there was no one individual that would cause somebody's life to be in danger. megyn: does that mean waivers in there wouldn't lead to harm to a libyan friend? >> absolutely. we were very cautious about that. you heard president obama with jon stewart say when document come out we release them to the american people. we think america is different
11:07 am
than the rest of the world. megyn: we were on this brad cast friday and we saw the documents james rosen just got, and they had a lot of news worthy information in them, but that doesn't mean you endanger our libyan friends helping us in this effort. would you like to have a redo on that? >> we went through every one of those pages. i did it myself. there were others involved in it. megyn: why wouldn't you have blacked out of the names. >> these are unclassified cables. there are things in there that are redacted and things that were not released. megyn: how did you make the decision i'm going to leave that name in there and do that. >> there is nothing in there that we released that was a, unclassified, and b, partly the way the government deals with making sure no individual name or something got out there. i think it's a red herring. it distracts from the bigger
11:08 am
problem the obama administration has how they dealt with it. they have budged this answer ever since and all they seem to want to do is blame the messenger. megyn: i want to talk about something else that's coming up. the "newsweek" cite talking points given to this administration about protests allegedly having a connection to what we saw at the benghazi consulate. a spontaneous demonstration. we not wasn't a spontaneous demonstration and it was a terror attack. but the question is whether the cia has been misleading. we heard from the cia libya guy they knew it was terror. we heard from intel guys saying they knew it was terror. about it seems lining the top folks at the cia and intelligence x community was
11:09 am
telling the administration differently. >> they have not given us the document on that. but the document that have been released foreshadowed terrorism is abound. the libyan minister on september 1, ambassador stevens sent back to washington, d.c. september 4, literally a week before his death. he said they went on high alert, they were losing control. al qaeda was flying flags above government buildings in benghazi. al qaeda and affiliates were actively participating. they fleshed out and got the brits to leave. we have a problem there and this administration put less personnel on the ground, not more. megyn: it's heartbreaking when you see ambassador stevens' cables on the day he died talking about the absence of security. there is a question about whether the administration
11:10 am
should have done more. we'll hear from president obama whether this can be put on him or not. we brought you the breaking news on governor romney's lead in the gallup poll. two battles on what insiders are calling the war and gallup polling. we have not brought you the news we got from the state of ohio. wait until we hear the latest polling information from there. why has the united nations been called in to monitor our u.s. election? we'll show you who called them and what they are being asked to do. you will either be horrified or amused or perhaps you will cheer it. we'll find out. five weeks after the terror attack in benghazi, another intelligence narrative is emerging aimed at vindicating susan rice. next jon john bolton and what many really going on. >> this is exhibit a of a failed
11:11 am
foreign policy. al qaeda is alive and well in libya, iraq, syria and the wars are not receding. what happened in benghazi is a case study in every phase, before, during and after. [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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megyn: new questions about two new reports on the terror attacks that killed four americans in libya and the administration's changing view of events. the headlines say cia document supported susan rice's description of benghazi attacks. a piece in the "l.a. times" also citing unnamed intelligence officials carrying the headlines no evidence found of al qaeda role in libya attack which is
11:15 am
directly contradictory of so many reports we have seen. how do we get to this point? joining me to discuss it, john bolton. this means speed up the prompter base want to get to the guests. john bolton, thank you so much for being here. a lot coming at us out of libya. i want you to give us perspective on it. the headline in the "washington post" tries to exonerate susan rice for the statement she made linking this to a video. the cia talking points cited do not necessarily exonerate her but they do speak to spontaneous demonstrations. they say the currently available information suggests that the demonstrations in benghazi were spontaneously inspired by the protests at the embassy in cairo. should that be the end of the matter? she was told by the cia.
11:16 am
she said what the cia told her to say. >> the cia doesn't write talking points. if that's changed since i was in government, than that represents a politization of the cia beyond anybody's wildest criticisms during the bush administration. the cia where is intelligence assess seattle. we judge x, y or z. if she was given talking points, somebody in the white house wrote them. that's point one. point two, it was a state department facility in benghazi that was attacked. state department personnel were in contact with main state in washington in realtime. there were no cables from libya about a demonstration that day. you don't need to talk to the cia to find out what happened to the state department. a state department official can actually talk to others in the
11:17 am
state department. i think what's happening is the administration is desperate to divert attention from the failures of benghazi before, during and after the attack and that's where all of this comes from. megyn: you tell me whether the "l.a. times" headline that tries to say different says no evident found of al qaeda role in libya attack. then it goes on to say there is no evidence al qaeda ordered the attack. but it doesn't sustain the headline. you tell me whether that is at the crux of what this entire libya story is about. >> to judge anything from that sentence is utterly foolhardy. there is a mantra that goes here. the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. so when they say we don't have any evidence there was an al qaeda attack or that it was al qaeda direct, that doesn't prove there was no al qaeda
11:18 am
role. saying we have no evidence can only lead you to conclude we don't have any evidence. it means your intelligence mate not have gathered all the facts. that's -- megyn: but isn't the bigger point that there is evidence -- i understand your point. isn't there a second point which is there is evidence of an died role in this attack, affiliated groups being behind this to some extent. >> i thi can conclude from what people have said in five different places here about what the intelligence was showing in the hours and days after the attack was that the intelligence was inconclusive. and that there were different things that could satisfy different theories. at a minimum what that should lead the administration to say is we don't know for certain, we are still investigating. but the administration had a theory and they rode with it
11:19 am
through the president's speech at the united nations. and that theory has turned out to be wrong. that's why they are so desperate to validate it retroactively. but the evidence isn't there for them. megyn: if something went very wrong -- obviously in the days and weeks leading up to the attack something went wrong. then in the weeks thereafter, the administration has been all over the board in the messaging. i don't understand how it exonerates the administration if the talking point is susan rice relied own an inept cia. >> this is the tragedy. i don't care whether they followed standard operating procedures. four dead americans is the consequence. that means there is a problem that needs to be resolved and they haven't done that yet. just because the intelligence community served up a document doesn't mean it beads
11:20 am
administration. that's their opinion. that's great. a lot of opinions out there. i wouldn't read anybody's talking points verbatim until i had a chance to formulate my own opinion. you want to be consistent with the administration's view. but that doesn't mean around robot, or at least you shouldn't be. megyn: they are claiming the cia was saying it was spontaneous demonstrations. the state department says it was monitoring it in realtime. at 7:30 there was nothing going on at by 9:40 he was fighting for his life without protests outside. >> if there were demonstrations outside that consulate at benghazi before the actual attack, the standard procedure at the state department is to report back. there is a demonstration it appears to be peaceful. there are x number of people there. as far as i know no cables came back from the consulate or the
11:21 am
embassy in tripoli that said anything about a demonstration. why do you need the cia? what do you think the state depth is there for? megyn: ambassador bolton, thank you, sir. the presidential race is getting tighter in the swing states. tighter still in pennsylvania. moment ago a new poll making big news in ohio. we'll have that in moment. a growing controversy over one democratic lawmaker's get-out-the-vote effort. did his campaign try to buy votes with vodka? we investigate next. ♪
11:22 am
11:23 am
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11:24 am
11:25 am
megyn: well, there is voter fraud, and then there is just happy hour. in this next report the two collide in what prosecutors call a wild get-out-the-vote effort and piefnlts vodka and chicken dinners. where? >> reporter: that's exactly the plan. vodka for votes. offering half pint plastic bottles of vodka like this one we bought in arkansas all to steal an election. prosecutors say that happened in arkansas. it involved buying votes for money and food and plans for cases of vodka. so information nine people have been charged. and three others have pled guilty.
11:26 am
he allegedly told the codefendant we need to use that black limo and buy a couple of cases of cheap vodka and whiskey to get people who vote. >> i knew all along it was wrong but i didn't think that was such a big deal. >> reporter: someone offered his opponent and seen tee ballots for his race and she called authorities. kelker lost the race against hallum by only four votes. they took a peek inside the absentee ballots and if they were for felker, they would destroy it. >> throw them away, i don't know
11:27 am
what they did. i was totally shocked. this is not a third world country. this is something you hear of in another part of the world. >> reporter: she told me when she votes she thinks of her father who served in world war ii and her uncle who was a prisoner of war and she calls what happened horrifying. mr. hallum faces five years in prison and will be sentenced later this year. megyn: some call it horrifying, some call it the good old days. i used to work with a buy who was once a supreme court justice on a certain state's highest court. in that state you run for the position. he openly told me they used to give out $5 and vodka or whiskey bottles to voters to try to get them to go to the polls.
11:28 am
i guess back then nobody was paying attention. >> unbelievable, this little thing right here. megyn: they need the united nations. they need someone in kazakhstan to show up and monitor these polls as will happen on november 6. up next, breaking news with a new poll out of ohio and a new twist in what two political insiders call a war on gallup polling. the fight for fair elections is bringing a foreign body to the american voting booth. who decides what's fair. some liberal groups have called in u.n. monitors. what states they are heading to and why that is raising alarms for some groups.
11:29 am
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and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. megyn: fox news alert, to battleground ohio and a brand new poll that has the race in this key state tied. this one's from suffolk university. among likely voters in ohio, they are showing a dead heat, 7 and 47 for each man -- 47 and 47 for each man. the president, who once held a fairly significant advantage in ohio, has seen that lead e sap wait according to a couple of polls. margin of error plus or minus four percentage points. joining me now, doug schoen and
11:33 am
pat caddell, also a fox news contributor and former pollster for jimmy carter. i want to start with these ohio numbers because, because there was also a poll out that said it was tied at 47, and ppp, a democratic-leaning firm, released a poll showing obama up just one point in ohio. do you believe that it's a tied race in ohio, doug? >> i do. i think the fox news poll last week had it three, and i think pat and i both believe that the momentum in the race, the clear momentum is moving to mitt romney, and ohio which is probably both a bellwether and the key to the election, has been moving slowly, but it's moved about five or six points in the last week or so, and bottom line that makes this race dead even with all the momentum in governor romney's direction. megyn: the ppp poll that showed the president up by just one in
11:34 am
ohio apparently had a sampling, a democrat sampling advantage of 8%, and earlier it was a democratic advantage of four. so the president is showing, you know, that he's doing worse even with more democrats in the sample in the tate of ohio, pat. what's happening there? >> well, clearly, it's what doug said. the race is moving toward governor romney in these states where people have spent a lot of money like particularly ohio. it's moving inexorably slower than it is, say, in places like pennsylvania which is now really in play. but, you know, the question in ohio is you've had a lot of early voting, and that seems to have favored president obama, and they're trying to factor that in. so these polls are getting very complicated because of that factor. but the race is clearly slowly and inexorably moving right now
11:35 am
to golf romney. that may switch -- megyn: we are told that president obama in the early voting in ohio has maintained the clear advantage, and yet while a lot of the votes get counted in the ohio now, i guess the vast majority still get counted on election day, doug. i want to show you the pennsylvania poll, the latest quinnipiac poll shows a four-point distance between the men, obama 50, romney at 46. it used to be -- on september 26th a 12-point advantage for president obama, and now even that state getting tighter and tighter or, although you tell me, doug schoen, is pennsylvania fool's good for mitt romney? >> well, i would have said a week ago, it is, but with that poll and a couple of others, megyn, it is very much in play. there's been huge obama expenditures in the states like ohio and florida to retard governor romney's movement, but this is a national election, and pennsylvania which is a conservative though democratic state has been moving, actually, as quickly if not more quickly
11:36 am
than the national average in the direction of governor romney. so i think the state is in play as is other parts of the midwest. >> yeah. and that's -- megyn: go ahead, pat. >> that's for sure. not only in pennsylvania, remember that poll you just put up was finished on the 14th. it's really old now. i've seen a lot of polls, private polls and some public ones, that show the race ahead or close even or romney slightly ahead. you're seeing the same kind of movement in michigan and to some extent in minnesota. what's happening is that these places, as doug said, where money has not been spent, there's not organization on the ground, they're moving op the national -- on the national trends, and i think the question for the r they're going to expand their horizon. much of the selection seems to be of people who believe that it's 1492, and the world is flat. we had states like indiana, virginia and north carolina that switched in '08, other states can switch now. remember, pennsylvania's the second oldest state in the
11:37 am
country and really doesn't like obamacare. megyn: do you see this tightening as a result of the first debate still, doug, or do you see this as a natural tightening of the polls that was likely to happen all alonger respect i have of what happened in that -- irrespective of what happened in that first presidential debate? >> megyn, i think it was the first presidential debate. bottom line, governor romney who's been demonized by the obama campaign and successfully demonized was able to change that perception fundamentally. megyn: can he change it back. can obama change it back? sorry to cut you off, but can obama change it back tonight? >> i think he's going to try. he's change z hid advertising, megyn, and is now running positive ads. i think thai given up on a large measure of broadcast tv for the immediate future, but tonight is the key time where they're going to try to make governor romney irresponsible or worse on foreign policy. megyn: pat, i do want to touch on gallup polling.
11:38 am
that was supposed to be sort of the godfather of the polls according to folks like you, right? >> yeah. megyn: and now they're showing that mitt romney has a six-point lead, and it was seven points last week, it's been six or seven on their rolling weekly average for a while now, and it's an outlier. it's the other national pollsters are not showing the race anywhere near that distant between the two men. what's going on with gallup? >> well, you know, gallup is doing a seven-day tracking. we don't have time to get in the weeds on this. part of the sampling gets thrown out. i think it's a little bit of an outlier. gallup poll, you know, has been very accurate in the last, in recent years at the close. my rule of thumb, and can i've told you this before, i take gallup, i take rasmussen, and i sort of split by two. i think romney is maybe two, three, four points ahead at the most. megyn: i mean, you tell me, doug, but i feel like a lot of these national polls are totally
11:39 am
irrelevant because we should be looking at the swing states, and even those, okay, obama or romney's loading, that's not that relevant either. >> yeah, florida and north carolina and virginia have all moved to governor romney. ohio's now dead even. the trend, and that's the key, the trend is going in governor romney's direction, and rather than look at the precise number in the national or even the swing states, when you see the trend moving as it is, that's when as an incumbent you get very nervous, and i can tell you there are a lot of very nervous people in the white house today, megyn. >> and i think that -- megyn: would you rather be president obama right now, or would you rather be governor romney right now as a politician going into these next two weeks given where they are positioned and how the debates are going and depending on how tonight goes, i guess, as well, pat?
11:40 am
>> well, a lot depends on how tonight goes. governor romney is used to the debates, it's his advantage. it showed that he was not an ogre. this race, though, is moving as a national phenomenon. reagan -- excuse me, romney is the challenger. i think he's in a better position that way. but remember, obama there's always been historically a little bump for the incumbent at the beginning of the last week of the campaign. we'll see if that happens. tonight will have a lot to do with it. reagan in 1980 really his most important debate a answer was are you better off or there you go again, it was when he answered the question and said are you going to cause war, basically, and he said i'm a father, i'm a grandfather, and i think you have peace through strength. no, i don't want war. he was adamant. that's what romney's got to do. as well as press the attack. this should be the president's forum, but i have a feeling because of that romney may benefit, and if that happens, it could be katie bar the door.
11:41 am
megyn: pat and doug, thank you both so much. up next, a new front in the fight for free and fair elections. some are using claims at conservative attempts of suppression of the vote to bring u.n. monitors to u.s. polling places and why the states they are headed to are raising some serious alarms. ♪
11:42 am
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11:44 am
megyn: well, there may be an extra set of eyes outside of u.s. polling places on election day, and it could well belong to the united nations. a number of left-leaning civil rights groups have called in the u.n. to keep an eye out for what some democrats say are efforts to suppress minority votes. the naacp, the aclu and other groups writing a joint letter that reads in part, quote:
11:45 am
megyn: katherine ingle protect is the founder of true, the vote. her organization has been working to end voter fraud. katherine, welcome to the program. so they say we need these u.n. observers in order to protect n particular, minority voters in this country. your reaction. >> well, i think it's just, it's really breathtaking in the hypocrisy that we're seeing. they have gone to an international body to try and prevent or discourage american citizens from participating in a completely legitimate manner, and they've reached out to countries that have photo voter identification in every single one.
11:46 am
but yet here in the states that's not something that they want to see happen. it's outrageous. megyn: what is the minority voter suppression in particular that they think is going to happen that we need the u.n. to monitor? >> you know, one can only proo jekyll that maybe it's -- project that maybe it's just the presence of having poll watchers inside of the polls. um, and certainly they are, you know, constantly going on about photo voter identification laws. and, again, they've reached out to international courts, international bodies to referee american elections? i think that it should be very troubling to anyone who believes that america should be able to run their own elections. u.n. has no, no, no ability to get involved in american elections in any way. so -- megyn: well, now we're going to have u.n. observers come this from countries like, we're told, ukraine, kaszikstan, so they're
11:47 am
going to show up at the polls in texas, and they are going to try to tell the texas voters that they have to do it the way it's done according to some official from the ukraine. >> that's what it seems. i mean, the whole thing is so surreal, isn't it? the thought that the united nations is going to be in american elections on november 6th. our hope through the vote is that this is a rallying cry for all americans to recognize that it is time to get involved in our electoral process. the united nations, well intentioned as they may be, does not have jurisdiction on american elections, and we need to make sure that polling places are full of american volunteers who are looking out for the best interests of america. megyn: do they know the good people of texas? because, i mean, i'm just thinking, you know, if the guy from ukraine tries to stop the guys in houston from casting their ballot that they want, trying to tell 'em that they're discriminating because they're
11:48 am
enforcing voter id laws, it's not going to go well, catherine. >> you know, it's -- um, the fact is we have a strong process, we should have well-trained observers inside of the polls. that's part of the process. but those observers should be americans. and the thought that the naacp and the aclu feels the need to go to kazahkstan? yeah, i just beg to differ. megyn: now, they say -- this group -- that they they've been invited by several states to monitor elections in the past. it's not the ones you mentioned, it's like new mexico and some other states. >> right. megyn: but they say, look, we had an ini invitation from themn the past, and we're going to take them up on this in the future. are they allowed to go into any state that hasn't specifically paveed the way for them to do that? >> well, certain states do allow for the unite nations' monitors to go in, in fact, the body that the naacp has approached, the osce, is something the united states has been a part of for
11:49 am
the past ten years. think of it as a foreign exchange student program where you go in and watch one another's elections to learn. that is wholly different from the way that this is being spun. it's being presented as, um, as international observers coming to stop, to monitor and police inside of american elections. that is where i think the line has to be drawn. megyn: yeah. they're supposed to monitor an array of activities including potential disputes at polling places. i go back to this image in texas or in ohio where somebody's trying to vote, but they don't have the necessary photo id, and then they're offered the opportunity to cast a provisional ballot, and then, bam, the guy from kaszikstan steps in to say, that's not good enough, provisional ballot. [laughter] >> right. megyn: this is disenfranchisement. when you think about it, how is this going to work? >> you know, you've got me. i mean, i think more than anything this is a political stunt that is designed to, um,
11:50 am
make further suggestion that what we're seeing in this country is a question of pressing -- accept plussing the -- suppressing the minority vote, and nothing could be further from the truth. the process is a sound one, but americans need to recognize that we must get involved. if there's just crickets and tumbleweeds inside of polls, i guess there's plenty of room for the blue helmets. megyn: well, there's going to be a lot of observers there from america already, and a lot of these left-leaning groups have people watching the polls, and it's just interesting because the invitation came from groups like the naacp and the aclu. in any event, thanks for drawing our attention to it, catherine, all the best to you. >> thanks so much. megyn: well, i was having some fun there because monitor and observe means look. i don't think they're actually supposed to play any active role, but having them there
11:51 am
raises questions. in any event, we'll continue to follow it. coming up, ever want to know what it looks like to break the speed of sound without a plane? the heart-stopping view and all the incredible details and a live report next. oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula.
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♪ megyn: the freefall from the edge of space like you've never seen it before as we bring you the chest cam footage from fearless felix's historic plunge when he became the first man ever to break the speed of sound without a plane. trace gallagher has an update. >> reporter: he had two cameras on his body, and man, oh, man, this is great stuff. it picks up right after he broke the sound barrier going 833 miles per hour. and then you'll watchbecause hef spinning wildly out of control,
11:55 am
faster and faster and faster. this was the big fear, right? this was when i was watching and a lot of others thought this might be the end of felix baumgartner because of the immense g forces and the pressure. he had a very short window to try and straighten himself out and kind of fly right again. this thing was crazy, and here's felix baumgartner today on "america live" talking about the spin. listen. >> well, it was a very violent spin, you know, it can feel like your blood is going to your brain, and i knew i'm not going to pass out, but i was close, you know? i had to fight it all the way through ask and, luckily, it worked. >> reporter: yeah, he said that a couple of times. he was no doubt very, very close to passing out, some thought he might not pull out. 128,000 feet up. his freefall was four minutes and 20 seconds. this is a record that could stand for a very long time, and as felix said this morning, he's done. he's done doing this, megyn, he's going to go back to flying
11:56 am
helicopters. he'll still be called flying felix, but he'll have a machine around him instead of doing it himself. and by the way, this footage, you can see more of it, it airs november 11th on national geographic at 7:00 in the evening. fantastic stuff. megyn: hello, felix. how do you do? [laughter] thanks, trace. the women get it. [laughter] >> reporter: yeah, i get it. megyn: and from spinning in space to spinning in florida, look at this spinning around me. starting to get action, doing early spinning trying to get everybody spun up. don't forget, folks, tune in tonight right here on fnc for all of your debate coverage. we've been doing all of these debates, all of us together, we hope you'll join us for this last one. it begins at 8:55 p.m. eastern time. we will have all the expert analysis you've come to rely on us for. brit hume, charles krauthammer,
11:57 am
joe trippi, chris wall lace to bring you the perspective on what you need to know. thanks for watching, everybody, i'm megyn kelly. studio b is going to start right after this break, and we will see you tonight, 855 p.m. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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